Baby & Newborn Photographer Sydney

Behind the scenes Studio Newborn Photography

Let me take you behind the scenes during a newborn photography session.

When parents walk in, they are immediately taken back by the calmness of the the studio. I play soft music, the heater is on and my miracle shusher is also playing in the background.

I usually start with wrapping the baby, so that they will fall asleep and stay calm from the start.

Then follows some photographs with the parents together and then individually.

I have put a video snippet of what goes on in a session. Believe it or not, but the dads really do enjoy the session.

I cant wait to see you all in the studio soon, visit my instagram page for behind the scenes videos.

Warm Regards


Your family is about to grow!

You’ve decided to welcome a new baby into your life, and you can’t wait to capture the moment. You want to make sure that all of the people who love them can see it, too.

We offer newborn and Family photography services tailored to fit your needs and budget—and our clients love us because we are warm, friendly, and provide high-quality images in a variety of package options.

We’re located in Moorebank, so you don’t have to travel far for your photos. Our experienced photographer will make sure everyone looks their best with all of the props and wraps needed for sessions, as well as a selection of client wardrobe options. You’ll receive high-resolution images so you can print or share them online with ease.

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