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Newborn Family Maternity and Portrait Photographer Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions – Newborn photography sessions

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Cake Smash FAQs

Where are you located?

– Our home studio is located in Moorebank NSW 2170

Do you do home visits?

– We no longer do home visits

HOW TO PREP & What to expect

I’m so excited that your Smash Session is almost here!

Do you provide Cake and Balloons?

  • I no longer provide cake or balloons for your session. I do have a limited set of props I use for cake smash, be sure to ask me what I can include in the session for you.
  • Dont spend too much on cake, there are several local cake shops that have wonderful cakes for a cake smash. I have provided a list of my suggestions.

It is very important to remain calm during the session, even when your baby is crying. We cannot rush the session, so please ensure you have chosen a suitable time that works with your schedule for the photoshoot.


As a part of preparation for a successful Cake Smash session, there is a list of things to check. Most importantly, you will need to pick out the best outfit for everyone involved in the session. We of course

already discussed a colours and most likely, I have seen the outfit(s) your little one will be in.

Please make sure to wash and iron them to make sure they are picture ready. Anything your little one(s) ware in the session MUST BE WELL FITTED. Anything that is too big & loose will not photograph well. I also do not recommend any use of onesies or shirts with words on the front, as they tend to look sloppy.

Once your little ones outfit is ready, think about hair & accessories that will go with the outfit. Some of the items that are easily missed are diaper cover, birthday hats, necklaces. Sometimes, those little

things can make a huge difference to complete the look.

Please don’t wear anything with logos or patterns.


-Please bring your shoes clean into the studio and wear comfortable shoes to leave at the door

You are welcome to bring shoes to wear during your session, but most of the time for cake smash, its preferred to not have any shoes in the photos


When working with children, I do everything I can to move at a fun quick pace.

You may be asked to help child(ren) get relaxed or their attention during the session. Even though you may be allowed a hour for shooting, doesn’t mean your little one will allow for me to capture them that long. Therefore, I shoot a lot in a little amount of time, moving through outfit changes quickly – especially if we have a happy baby on our hands.

(No camera is allowed including smart phones to take pictures during the session.)


These photos are first and will last about 10 mins long. I will begin to capture your little one’s expressions while they are calm and clean. During this part of the session, be prepared to be running around after your little one, constantly sitting them back in the photo shoot area. At this age, they are always on the go, so wear cool clothing… you may break a sweat. 🙂

Don’t be surprised if you little one gets frustrated with being confined to one place, just have some of his favorite things ready to distract him while he is there. (of course, we only bring these out if needed)


This part feels even faster! Once we bring in the cake, the photo session usually takes about 15 minutes. I let your baby set the pace, as some little ones are eager to dig into the cake & others are more hesitant & need some encouragement.

If your little one is shy about digging into the frosting, you might have to get in there & show them how it’s done. Be ready for a mummy, daddy cake smash.

WARNING: Most little ones cry during this process. Some a lot, some a a little, some not at all.

They get messy, they get tired, they no longer want to be on this backdrop… This is when you break out their favorite treats & songs, so make sure to save the best for last! But just know – we will stick it out & keep shooting. Some of the best photos come in between screams. (lol)


  • Bring your own Cake (white or pastel colors only)
  • Bring your own balloons
  • Wipes
  • Water bottle / sippy cup (they get thirsty)
  • Snacks (puffs or something they love to eat to stick in the cake)
  • Favorite toys
  • Favorite shows ready to go on iPhone or tablet
  • Clean towel
  • Plastic bags for messy outfit


You will receive an email with your online gallery to choose your images for editing. Please choose them quickly, so i can have them ready before your babys birthday bash. Usual turnaround is 4 -6 weeks after your session date once edited.

If you have any questions – please feel free to text me or email me right away.