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Newborn Family Maternity and Portrait Photographer Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – Maternity photography sessions

Maternity photography sessions

Where are you located?

Studio is located in Moorebank NSW 2170 

How long does a Maternity session take?

Approx 1 Hour

When if final payment due?

There is an initial 50% deposit required to secure your spot, then the balance is paid 48hours before your session. 

What happens if we are late to our session?

Your session will still finish at the same time it was booked for, so you will loose the amount of time that was allocated for your session.


Can you do outdoor sessions?

 I am currently only offering Studio indoor sessions

Do I need to have my hair and make up done professionally.?

No, but it is highly recommended. This creates a more sleek and polished look throughout your photos.

What else can I bring with me to the session?

I recommend a pair of jeans, any stretch dresses or tops Nude, black and white bra’s and underwear. Seamless preferred. IF you have any cultural dress/ outfits, would be nice to incorporate in the shoot.


Please bring your shoes clean into the studio and wear comfortable shoes to leave at the door

Do you provide any outfits?

Yes, I use material to wrap around to look like dresses.I also have other tops and dresses and head pieces. You are welcome to bring anything else to wear.

Can My partner join in the photos?

Yes, Partners and Children welcome to join in the photographs depending on the package you choose

What does My partner wear?

Please have your partner in plain clothing, such as the following: ( I recommend two styles/colour pallet),White Button top or shirt  (No logos),black Button top or shirt  (No logos),Black, Nude, Denim pants.

How long until we receive the photos?

usual wait time is between 2 and 4 weeks, however, we try to get it done sooner for you. Full payment must be made before we release the images. Photographs wont be edited or released until the full payment is made. If you require images under two weeks, there will be a surcharge applied to your package.