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Newborn Family Maternity and Portrait Photographer Sydney

Make Milestones Memorable Celebrate with a photography Session!

Make Milestones Memorable Celebrate with a photography Session!
My Story

Hey there, great to have you here!

When I was young, I often found myself longing for a FAMILY PORTRAIT—

a picture where my PARENTS, SIBLINGS, and I were all together, smiling and close.

I couldn’t quite explain this FEELING,

but there was something MAGICAL about the idea of capturing a moment of TOGETHERNESS,

a snapshot of who we were as a FAMILY.

I remember looking at the WORK of various PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIOS with a sense of AWE.

They provided a SPECIAL SPACE where families could come together, celebrate their BONDS,

and preserve those MOMENTS for a LIFETIME.

It felt like these PHOTOGRAPHERS were doing something truly PROFOUND—

they were helping FAMILIES hold onto the LOVE and CONNECTION that often gets lost in the HUSTLE and BUSTLE of everyday life.

As I grew OLDER, this yearning became a DRIVING FORCE behind my PASSION for PHOTOGRAPHY.

I realized that every FAMILY DESERVES the opportunity to have a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY PORTRAIT,

a tangible REMINDER of their LOVE and UNITY.

It became my MISSION to create these CHERISHED MEMORIES for others,

to offer them the same sense of CONNECTION and BELONGING that I had always CRAVED.

Through my WORK, I hope to capture not just the FACES,

but the ESSENCE of what it means to be a FAMILY,

so, these MEMORIES can be TREASURED for GENERATIONS to come.

Beyond my LOVE for capturing moments,

I’m a PROUD mum to two AMAZING girls and a PARTNER to my supportive husband, GEORGE.

I’m KARMA, and my PHOTOGRAPHY revolves around the MAGIC of newborns and FAMILIES.

You’ll find my COZY studio right in MOOREBANK, NSW, just a skip away from the LIVELY hub of LIVERPOOL, NSW CBD.

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Gather your loved ones for a fun-filled family photography session. We’ll capture the joy and connection that makes your family unique.

Beyond my love for capturing moments, I’m a proud mum to two amazing girls and a partner to my supportive husband, George.

I’m Karma, and my photography revolves around the magic of newborns and families. You’ll find my cozy studio right in Moorebank, NSW, just a skip away from the lively hub of Liverpool, NSW CBD.

Would you believe that my journey into photography began over ten years ago, after spending my days as an accountant’s assistant? | always had this deep seated dream of freezing moments in time, but honestly, I never imagined it would become my career. It was my husband who nudged me to chase after this passion, and here I am, living the dream!

When it comes to my work, I believe in capturing feelings, not just poses. I want your photographs to reflect the genuine connections and emotions shared within your family. So, when you’re with me, it’s all about being comfortable and letting your natural selves shine through. Feel free to reach out, ask questions, or simply say hello! I can’t wait to create some beautiful memories with you.